Ammeter emerged from two handfuls of  context

In the left hand is the local. Ammeter began as an academic project to investigate a diverse Vancouver electronic music landscape. Electronic music forms are abound in this corner of the Pacific, yet there seem to be few platforms describing them. Here an opportunity rested, thought Adam, who began the project, an opportunity to describe his home.

In the right hand is the personal. Adam had sent roots into Vancouver and electronic music. He belonged to the region as a dancer, a listener and a student. As a trained literary critic, he wanted to offer his syllables  to this place and this music.

Ammeter intends to pose as a professional journal. In a time when everyone has the ability to be an anonymous critic, Ammeter hopes to exceed the mediocrity facilitated by a (mostly) free internet. Hopefully, these following principles will help.

Ammeter does not seek to dictate taste. Yet, if we “review” a venue, then we are inevitably presenting a standard, a taste, to some capacity. This rubric will  help present those standards, so that there will be no mystery behind our evaluations.